Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry exotic houseplants? 2023-07-06T12:42:39-04:00

Yes, we have just stepped into the world of rare and exotic houseplants. We are always looking for healthy houseplants that add uniqueness to the varieties we can offer. We are learning along with you about the many varieties of plants that are out there and what makes them so special! 

What is so special about succulents?2023-07-06T12:41:55-04:00

People just LOVE succulents for a variety of reasons. First of all, they are so unique in how they look. They come in different shapes and sizes and even colors! Many are very slow growing so that is a benefit to many because they don’t want to have plants that get unruly and hard to take care of. But probably the MOST SPECIAL thing about succulents is that they are so easy to care for… they thrive on NEGLECT! They require very little care… you can almost forget about them and water them infrequently. They are great for college students who want a plant to have in their dorm room but they don’t have to do much to keep it alive. 

How often will I need to water my houseplants? 2023-07-06T12:40:41-04:00

How often you water your houseplants is determined by the type of plant you have and the needs of the plant. For example, succulents do not need to be watered frequently. Snake Plants and ZZ Plants as well. In the plant industry, we often say they thrive on neglect. Other houseplants like Pothos or Spider Plants may require weekly waterings depending on the conditions in your home. If your heat is on the moisture in the soil will get soaked up quickly so you may have to water more frequently. Knowing the needs of your houseplants as well as the conditions of your home is important when jumping into being a plant parent. 

How often should I water my containers and hanging baskets?2023-07-06T12:39:58-04:00

Watering needs to be determined by the needs of the plant. Some plants dry out quicker than others, some plants like to stay more dry than others and also where you keep them is a factor.  And the temperatures outside also determine how much watering needs to be done. For the most part, in our area, most annuals need watering every day during the hot months of June, July, and August.

When should I fertilize and how do I decide the right product for my plant? 2023-07-06T12:38:36-04:00

Fertilizing your plants is key to their overall health. There are different fertilizers for some plants so you have to be aware of that when choosing a fertilizer. An All-Purpose fertilizer covers many plants but specific fertilizers for specific plants will help your plants thrive. For example, petunias like a fertilizer called petunia feed. This fertilizer provides the nutrients that petunias need to stay healthy. Stop in our shop and we can show you the different types of fertilizers that we carry. 

How do I decide where to put my vegetable garden?2023-07-06T12:37:52-04:00

The location of your garden is so important. Vegetable plants require at least 6 hours of sun a day so pick a sunny spot. Your garden should also be in a spot where there is not a lot of wind coming through. And to make the task of watering and gardening more enjoyable, you may want to be close to a water source and close to your house. 

When should I plant flowers and vegetables outside?2023-07-06T12:37:34-04:00

Planting flowers and vegetables in our area should occur in May when there is no longer a threat of frost. Mother’s Day is often used as a marker, but we often have frost after Mother’s Day. Whenever you decide to plant, you just need to watch the weather carefully and protect your plants if the temperatures drop to below 40 degrees. 

How do your two shops differ?2023-07-06T12:34:56-04:00

The Orefield location has fresh flowers but all kinds of plants as well whereas our Allentown location is more fresh flowers and gift items. Due to the temperature changes at the Orefield location with the greenhouse attached, there are certain products we cannot carry there so you will find them at our Allentown location. Both locations have a florist on-site and smiling faces to help you with whatever it is that you are looking for, but if you are focused on plants and gift items, visit Orefield, but if you are focused on gift items even more, visit our Allentown location. One trip to both locations is easy because they are only 8 minutes away from each other.

What will I find at Ross Craft Flowers+Gifts in Allentown?2023-07-06T12:31:57-04:00

At Ross Craft Flowers+Gifts, the focus is on fresh flowers and unique inspirational gifts. If you need something for a friend, this is the place to shop. And forget about the friend for a moment… how about something for yourself to lift you up? We have it at our store. Candles, locations, essential oils, cooking salts, soaps, umbrellas and so much more! Escape to our Tilghman location for a moment to relax and relish in the scents and the beautiful gifts and flowers around you! 

What will I find at Ross Plants & Flowers in Orefield? 2023-07-06T12:31:17-04:00

At Ross Plants & Flowers, you will experience a getaway from life for as long as you like. Our shop is filled with flowers, plants, gift items and more! We carry all types of flowers and plants for every season. We love annuals and perennials and houseplants have become a popular item to have in stock. Hanging baskets, planters, herbs, and vegetables . . . you name it plant wise and we have it.  And if we don’t have it, we will work hard to find it for you.  

And we cannot forget fresh flowers… you want a bouquet to take to that someone special or you want us to deliver a beautiful arrangement to a special friend, we got you covered. Fresh flowers are always in stock ready to bring joy to others! 

We also carry garden add-ons such as Jacks Fertilizer for all types of plants. It’s the fertilizer we use for our plants at the shop. We also sell garden gloves and some small hand pruners. Of course, we have many garden accessories that will make you want to put everyone in your garden. We have garden stakes, art poles, garden flags, ceramic and resin critters, stone accents and so much more! You have to come to the shop and spend some time perusing the nooks and crannies. Every visit you will find something new! 

How do I choose the right houseplant?2023-07-06T12:28:24-04:00

Choosing the right houseplant can be a challenge. Many of us know the benefits of having plants in our homes, but choosing the right one is tricky. A few things to think about . . . where am I going to place this houseplant? What are the light conditions? The humidity levels and temperature? Do I have time to take care of this houseplant by understanding its needs? Do I have pets that I have to understand which houseplants are toxic to animals? After answering all these questions, choose a plant that works best for your atmosphere. The next step is understanding the needs of the plant. Some plants need more watering than others. Also, watching your plant and seeing how it is thriving (or not thriving) will help you to determine if you have it placed in the best spot in your home. A little bit of trial and error is involved in taking care of houseplants so keep an open mind and be willing to experiment!

What should I bring to the flower shop when I have my wedding consultation?2023-07-06T12:11:12-04:00

The more information you can provide the better we will be prepared to offer creative suggestions. We want to create a spectacular and memorable event for you. Anything you can bring will be beneficial. Pictures that depict what you have in mind are extremely helpful. Bring a photo of your dress and a sample of the fabric or lace if you have it, as well as swatches and photos of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Also, think about what “style” of wedding you want. If you are not sure, don’t worry . . . we will help you with that! 

What should I expect at my floral consultation?2023-07-06T12:09:19-04:00

The floral consultation will last about an hour and we will take you through all aspects of your wedding and where you can accent with florals. We will talk about your vision and help you bring it to life with all your floral arrangements. We will show you flowers from our inventory and give you an idea of what they will look like in “real life” rather than internet images. You will leave our consultation with an understanding of what your wedding flowers will look like.

I have a large property and we will be out of the country for three years. Can you maintain our property? What services do you offer?2023-07-12T21:36:58-04:00

Absolutely. We can provide any and all services related to your property. Mowing, fertilizing, edging and mulching, trimming and weeding, just to name a few.

What is the simplest way to keep my pond clear?2023-07-12T21:37:09-04:00

Plant life. The more the better. You can not have too many plants in a pond.

When is the best time to prune shrubs?2023-07-12T21:37:17-04:00

Flowering shrubs – immediately after flower; all other immediately after dormancy (i.e., early spring)

How do you get a greener and fuller lawn?2023-07-12T21:37:27-04:00

Get your soil analyzed. Once you have the results, set up a lawn maintenance program that includes aerifying, fertilizer and proper maintenance (i.e., cutting at the correct height depending on the time of year, proper watering)

When is the best time to plant perennials?2023-07-06T12:45:51-04:00

Perennials can be planted during spring, summer or fall; however, the best time to maintain it is in the fall due to cooler, moister temperatures.

How far in advance should I contact the florist when ordering wedding flowers? 2023-07-06T12:07:23-04:00

Florists accept only a set number of weddings on a given day, so it is essential to contact us well in advance to begin planning. A good rule of thumb is to contact your florist a year in advance to get the process started and to get on our schedule. 

However, if your wedding is going to be an exceptionally elaborate event, take place during peak wedding season, or fall on a holiday, then even more than a year is not too soon to contact your florist. This will allow us to look for any props or specialty items you might need. Wedding flowers can be highly specific and colors often have to be very precise, so we need advance notice to place flower orders.

Is it OK to visit several florists to get estimates? 2023-07-06T12:24:37-04:00

We often suggest for couples to visit other florists. There are many factors that go into creating your wedding florals including types of flowers, the quantity of flowers needed, the labor involved in creating the florals, as well as the artistry that goes into creating your vision. Every wedding we create is unique and one of a kind, so we tell our couples that it’s not always about the price. It should be about the connection you make with your florist and the confidence you have in your florist bringing your vision to life. 

Will a florist work within my budget? 2023-07-06T12:24:10-04:00

We will work with any budget, but we will be honest if what you are envisioning is not within your budget. We often encourage our couples to shoot for what they want and we will work with them to get close to their budget. We can offer floral suggestions to reduce the budget but also provide the same look and feel. We also offer ways to get multi-use out of arrangements to help save on costs. But overall, we are artists and create unique masterpieces for your special day so we do not work with wedding packages for a specific price. We will price out all aspects of the wedding and we offer ways to help save on costs but still provide the look and feel you have always dreamed of! 

Why should we choose Ross Plants & Flowers as our florist?2023-07-06T12:13:06-04:00

At Ross Plants & Flowers, we have a team of floral designers and a support team that will work together to provide you with the best from beautiful, fresh florals to building a relationship of trust and confidence that what is promised will be fulfilled. We take on every wedding as if it’s our own and we will make sure every detail is accurate to bring your vision to life. We will have many months to work together to develop your vision through meetings and phone calls. We are here for you. We feel the excitement with you and we feel honored to be selected as your florist of choice! 

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