Choosing the right houseplant can be a challenge. Many of us know the benefits of having plants in our homes, but choosing the right one is tricky. A few things to think about . . . where am I going to place this houseplant? What are the light conditions? The humidity levels and temperature? Do I have time to take care of this houseplant by understanding its needs? Do I have pets that I have to understand which houseplants are toxic to animals? After answering all these questions, choose a plant that works best for your atmosphere. The next step is understanding the needs of the plant. Some plants need more watering than others. Also, watching your plant and seeing how it is thriving (or not thriving) will help you to determine if you have it placed in the best spot in your home. A little bit of trial and error is involved in taking care of houseplants so keep an open mind and be willing to experiment!