Gifting Gardens

There are so many benefits to gifting an English Garden or a Dish Garden! Not sure about the difference between and English Garden and a Dish Garden or why one would be preferable to the other?  When this writer started at Ross Plants and Flowers, I wasn’t sure myself, but they each have their own benefits to explore.   

Both English Gardens and Dish Gardens are arrangements created from plants.  At first glance, you might not be able to tell the difference between the two.  Much like a vase of flowers, they both combine the colors and textures of different plants into one beautiful, harmonious design. 

English Gardens are popular gifts and have many benefits: 

  • Each plant is in its own pot in the larger display, so the arrangement can be enjoyed as a unique creation.  When the recipient is ready, the plants can be planted separately in a garden or decorative pot, making English Gardens wonderful gifts for plant lovers.  
  • English Gardens can provide lots of color and variety because designers can select plants based on visual appeal – succulents can pair in an arrangement with ferns, herbs, or flowering plants.  Plants with different care needs that would typically not be together can flourish because they retain their separate pots and can be watered according to their individual needs. 
  • Unique English Gardens can be created for each season as well as for indoor and outdoor enjoyment.  Fall can bring you mums, grasses, and ornamental peppers. In Winter, you can gift poinsettia, Christmas cactus, and cyclamen. Spring brings a vast variety of annuals, perennials, and herbs.  Seasonal fresh cut flowers can be incorporated, and houseplants can be gifted in an English Garden all year-round! 

So… With all those benefits, why would you choose to give a Dish Garden instead?  A Dish Garden is a different creation that provides its own benefits. 

  • Dish Gardens combine multiple plants into the same planting soil of one container.  Our floral designers make sure that the combination is beautiful and unique, while considering the needs of each plant.  Dish Gardens are usually houseplants and can incorporate fresh cut flowers for added interest.  
  • A Dish Garden will ensure that all the plants sharing the arrangement can be taken care of together, each plant having the same needs for light and water.   
  • These arrangements are easy to care for long term and can be created with special needs for lighting or interests in mind.  This makes them a thoughtful gift allowing for the enjoyment that plants bring to our living space and the benefit of easy care that will be especially appreciated by those that might be experiencing illness, longer recovery times, or are just getting started with plants. 

With either an English Garden or a Dish Garden, our staff can help you select thoughtful and interesting containers or little extras to compliment the occasion.  The plants you give can thrive for years to come, bringing joy to recipients and adding the benefits of growing plants to their spaces.  Our creative florists will be able to make you the perfect one for your occasion! 

August 2023